Meet Julie

Through Julie’s own personal development and extensive level of self awareness, she knows herself inside out and back to front and how liberating it is to be her Real Self.

Julie’s life experiences, infinite knowledge and experience in psychology and neuroscience alongside her continuous personal and professional development, underpins her unique, intuitive, inspiring and empowering way of working.

Julie genuinely cares about each and every person she works with and truly believes as a professional you can only take a client as far as you are prepared to go yourself and since 2006, she has worked one to one with thousands of clients.

Julie is aware of the difficulties and barriers clients may face, alongside possible triggers they may experience and is committed to supporting her clients through the process of Personal Development.

Julie loves to encourage others to discover, embrace and celebrate being their Real Self and reach their full potential; her passion is to inspire and empower others to be and reap the rewards and freedom of being their Real Self too!

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"It’s your road, it’s your life, it’s never too late to choose your direction, to choose to be Your Real Self, to find your wings and fly!"

— Julie Twist

Many moons ago...

Born and raised in the North East of England Julie has a strong work ethic. The family pattern was not to leave school, go to college and then go to university; it was to leave school and get a job to earn a living.

Those who know Julie often refer to her as the straightest talking person they have ever met, they also know she certainly does not sit on the fence.

Not one for being a ‘follower’ Julie isn’t afraid to do her own thing and having the courage to be her Real Self has enabled her to do (almost) everything she has set out to achieve in life both personally and professionally.

Julie actually does ‘walk the talk’ and knows exactly what it is like being her Real Self. Over the years, she has resigned from some quite mundane jobs and been made redundant three times; yet rather than seeing those redundancies as a negative Julie perceived them as opportunities.

Having an adventurous side, being open to opportunities and not afraid of change, her dream to work overseas for Thomson Holidays led Julie to take a chance and the scary but exciting step to purchase a one way ticket to Spain. Despite not having a job waiting for her (or booked accommodation) in the country, within three days of arrival Julie secured employment with the company of her choice.

Seeing the stars beyond the bars...

After several years working and living overseas, Julie returned to the UK to work in a bank and having been made redundant yet again, she then secured employment within HM Prison Service.

At first, Julie loved working in the Prison however, over the years her ‘world view’ began to change more and more; she did not like that at all!

Julie decided on a change of career reducing her working week from full time to part time enabling her to go to college. Two years into the four year Counselling course and after 11 years in service, despite it being perceived (by others) as a job for life, Julie resigned from the Prison Service to concentrate on her new career.

As a mature student, Julie also worked part time as an Individual Support Worker and as a volunteer Counsellor. On qualifying as a Counsellor, Julie resigned from her role as ISW and enrolled at York St John University for a Masters of Arts Degree in Counselling. Rather than study over two academic years, Julie decided to complete her degree in one academic year, travelling from Durham to York twice each week whilst also working part time as an employed Counsellor.

On completion of her Masters Degree, Julie returned to York St John University the following year and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision, again whilst also working part time.

With her studies complete Julie took the scary but exciting step of venturing into self employment. In July 2011 Julie launched her business and has never looked back!

Turning a passion into a business and loving it!

Although Julie has never been a follower of fashion, mainly due to quite a lot of fashion phases not suiting her personal style, she has always had a keen interest in clothes and shoes etc., particularly the colours.

Attention to detail and being able to instantly see what looks right, what doesn’t look right, which colours compliment each other and which colours clash, are details Julie has noticed for as long as she can remember.

Julie’s interest in psychology of people, psychology of colours and neuroscience has not only turned into a passion, it has enabled her to create a business doing what she absolutely loves!

One of Julie’s ambitions was to expand her business and in fusing Your Personal Development with Your Colours, creating her That’s So You! package alongside the development of her Signature Programs, her dream is now reality.

Julie's Philosophy

Julie believes life presents us with numerous opportunities and providing we are open to accepting them, each opportunity leads to a new one.

On the flip side, life also has a tendency to throw things at us from time to time and if we ruminate on life experiences there is a good chance they will hold us back.

The past cannot be changed however, we can choose to accept our past, learn from it and move on.

Julie also believes in life we travel along a road which is sometimes even, sometimes bumpy and every so often we come to a junction where we can choose which way to turn.

It may not always be the right choice, but sooner or later we will arrive at another junction and again have a choice which way to turn.

As humans, we naturally follow the path of least resistance becoming who others want us to be or who we are conditioned into; pleasing others, to be accepted as opposed to being rejected, whilst being oblivious to the long-term impact on happiness, health, well being and the ripple effect on our relationship with others.

We have a choice to be who we want to be and yes, we may loose some people along the way, people who want to change us into the person they want us to be…

However, the people who matter the most, the ones who unconditionally accept and love us as we are, will be the ones with whom we will have quality relationships which in turn, will have a positive ripple effect on both a personal and professional level.

It’s your road, it’s your life, it’s never too late to choose your direction, to choose to be Your Real Self, to find your wings and fly!

“Don’t let the past determine your future, acknowledge it, learn from it and move on. Choose the future you want, embrace change, believe in yourself and allow your drive and passion to get you there.”​

— Julie Twist

The choice is yours...

You can choose to continue as you are or you can choose to change – it’s up to you.

When considering whether or not you want to change, reflect on your answer to the following question:

Do you want to reach a certain stage in your life and look back with regrets and resentment having lived
a life that others want for you or living a life you were conditioned into?

Right now is the time to choose to invest in YOU and reap the rewards of being Your Real Self!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Choose to start living it as YOU.

Your future self will thank you for it!

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