Break Free from a life of conformity

Being your true authentic self is so liberating and you get to live your life as You!

Hello and Welcome...

Julie loves to encourage others to discover, embrace and celebrate being their Real Self and reach their full potential; her passion is to inspire and empower others to be and reap the rewards and freedom of being their Real Self too!

Specialising in Personal Development Julie will support you though the process of discovering, embracing and celebrating Your Real Self.

Being autonomous and renowned for ‘walking the talk’, Julie truly believes as a professional you can only take a client as far as you are prepared to go yourself and since 2006, she has worked one-to-one with thousands of clients.

To be unapologetically you, to ‘walk the talk’ is so liberating, it will have a positive impact not only on your wellbeing, but also in your personal and professional relationships and you get to live your life as You!

"I’ve always loved butterflies, because they remind us that it’s never too late to transform ourselves."

— Drew Barrymore


You so know that rather than ‘exist’ you so want to live your life as You.

 Choose to be You! 

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Discover your true authentic self, identify and change your unhelpful mindset, any blocks and patterns of behaviour preventing you from being your Real Self and live your life as You!


Discover your ideal colours which in turn will increase your confidence, self esteem and enable you to step out as your Real Self wearing colours that you love!


Get to know yourself inside and outside with Your Personal Development and Your Colours by aligning your internal and external personas, have the confidence to express your Real Self and embrace the positive change!

Why Work with Julie?

Julie works with successful motivated ambitious professionals who know their frustration, anger and resentment is down to the fact that they are being the person who others expect them to be and are aware that it is having a negative impact on their wellbeing and relationships with significant others, because they are either projecting these feelings onto significant others or turning these feelings in on themselves.  

Julie works collaboratively with you to inspire and empower you to break free from a life of conformity, to be your true authentic self, who you really are at the core, to have a better quality of life, be more confident and experience the positive ripple effect within your personal and business relationships and more importantly in your personal wellbeing.

If you have decided rather than ‘exist’ and conform to the expectations of others and society, you want to confidently step out as the person you truly are, before reaching a certain stage of your life looking back with regret wishing what could have been, now is the time to be unapologetically you and live the life you want rather than the life you are conditioned into. 

Love your life being true to you, be loved for who you truly are and have the confidence to step out as You. 

It’s your road, it’s your life, it’s never too late to choose your direction, to choose to be Your Real Self, to find your wings and fly! 

It’s time for You to be You!,

Silver Program opening soon!

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what professionals say about julie...

The choice is yours...

You can choose to continue as you are or you can choose to change – it’s up to you.

When considering whether or not you want to change, reflect on your answer to the following question:

Do you want to reach a certain stage in your life and look back with regrets and resentment having lived
a life that others want for you or living a life you were conditioned into?

Right now is the time to choose to invest in YOU and reap the rewards of being Your Real Self!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Choose to start living it as YOU.

Your future self will thank you for it!

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