Julie is a first class professional who is a pleasure to do business with. She blends consummate skill with obvious emotional intelligence and innate compassion to provide highly effective interventions for her clients. She maintains a high level of current awareness of both professional and socio-cultural issues to inform both her business and professional worlds.

Julie’s greatest offering may be the unswerving passion for empowering people through her work. This is an enduring value reflecting in everything she does, very much “walking the talk” in an authentic way. As a valued colleague I can only offer the very highest recommendation to anyone considering using her services. She’s a seriously nice person to boot!

David Cliff

Working with Julie has taught me many ways in which to better manage some of the challenging professional situations that I face daily.

Her personal and professional development approach has provided me with the ability to see above the issue and make a more rational and considered response to them.

The tools and attitudes Julie has helped me hone have taken me to an entirely new level. They have allowed me to communicate effectively, productively and changed the way that I work and interact with others, to ensure I get the best out of my team and also benefited my own professional development.


Personal development with Julie has allowed ideas and practises to surface that I would never previously have thought about before and how to use them in the work environment.

Personal development has Greatly improved my productivity and people skills in my current role, whilst helping me move forward with my personal business venture.

Oil And Gas Construction Engineer