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Testimonials - ​Supervision

I have been fortunate to have Julie as my Supervisor since February 2016.

She offers me the supportive and reflective safe space to explore the therapeutic process and my personal awareness.

She is always professional offering a balance between challenging and encouraging which is important to me.

I never feel that I have to filter what I say to her, knowing that whatever I bring to the session will be worthy and valid.

I work within Primary Care Mental Health and Julie is always there to guide me through some of the more “tricky” aspects of my role, responding with good judgement and insight to the dilemmas and questions that arise.

Julie has given me the much needed encouragement and support to fulfil some of my professional aspirations and after every session I have come away feeling as though I have discovered something about myself or my professional practice.

Julie is a supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring Supervisor, who I have no hesitation in recommending.

Lisa Russell
Counsellor & Supervisor

I can highly recommend Julie Twist in her work as a Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

She is experienced in all three areas and maintains highly professional work ethic.

Christine McIntyre

I decided to ask Julie to be my Supervisor based on her website.

I liked what she had to say about Supervision and Counselling, her philosophy.

I also liked the idea of having a Supervisor who is well-qualified and experienced but not so far ahead of me that she could not remember what it was like to be at my stage of practice.

I wanted someone that I could aspire to be like, someone who was a couple of steps ahead of me, but not so far that I wasn’t able to imagine myself being more like her.

Julie has not let me down.

She has given me just what I wanted.

She has always responded quickly and effectively to any questions or issues that I may have had in-between sessions.

She is empathic, knowledgeable and genuine.

She works by setting a good example.

Her insights and gentle challenges have helped me to grow and develop as a practitioner.

I feel as though I can take absolutely anything to Supervision with Julie, anything that is either effecting my work or any aspects of my work that I am struggling with, and whatever it is I am never made to feel that it is anything other than valid.

I really enjoy my work with Julie. I feel supported as a practitioner and through our work together I feel that my confidence has grown and my client work has improved as a result.

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience of Julie as a Supervisor.


After seeing Julie’s picture on her website I felt straight away I would be able to work with her and that was proved right with her warm and friendly approach.

During my supervision with her I have always felt safe and able to discuss anything with her both about my clients and myself.

She has encouraged me to grow as a Counsellor by challenging me with issues around my clients and also allows time for me to reflect on my approach to them.

Sometimes I think I haven’t got much to discuss but as soon as I sit in the chair opposite Julie I seem to come up with all sorts of issues and I feel that is down to her making me feel safe and valued and I would recommend her to anyone.

Alison Knox

Since October 2013, in her capacity of Supervisor, Julie has helped me enrich my work with some very difficult clients within the NHS setting with her supportive and imaginative style of supervision.

The open, friendly and non judgemental way she builds on the working relationship, is both professional and informed, allowing me to feel safe to explore and reconnect to our wealth of joint knowledge.

Julie has also great business knowledge and experience and is hugely encouraging when it comes to personal growth within the counselling profession.

Fiona Summers-Smith
Counsellor & Supervisor

Since I began working with Julie as my external supervisor I feel as though I have grown as a practitioner, I have been challenged and also been given the time and space to reflect on the counselling I do.

I feel confident in bringing any issue into supervision knowing that I am going to be supported and all avenues of practice are explored within an environment that is conducive to continuing personal and professional development.

I would have no hesitation recommending Julie.

Ashley Thurlow
Counsellor & Supervisor

From the beginning I settled immediately to Julie’s warm, friendly, yet challenging and extremely knowledgeable delivery.

She helped me through the transition from my previous much valued Supervisor of 16 years with kindness and sensitivity.

Julie has great skill in creating a safe a held environment in which to work through any complicated situations I may bring, empowering me to explore not only my client’s issues, but also my own insights and perceptions.

The level of contact is spot on, informing me of further C.P.D. and any other points of interest.

Fiona Smith

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