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Julie provides individual counselling for various personal issues including:


  • Anger
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Separation or Divorce


From time to time you may experience tough times and challenges in life, you may feel overwhelmed by your situation and find it difficult to manage.


During these times you would benefit talking to a trained Counsellor who will help you to explore your situation.


Counselling provides a space for you to identify what may be holding you back, to increase your awareness and gain new perspectives and can help you to resolve personal issues and facilitate choices and changes you wish to make.

Following your initial contact, Julie will telephone you for an informal no obligation 20 minute chat about your concern or issue.


It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have regarding the counselling process before arranging your first session.


The first session will be a consultation lasting 1 hour during which Julie will ask questions, complete paperwork, and ascertain your expectations of counselling and what you wish to achieve from counselling. Once again it is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Should you and Julie then agree to work together the frequency and amount of sessions will be negotiated and you will be asked to read and sign a contract.


The next time we meet will be your first counselling session.


Each consequent counselling session is arranged by appointment, lasts 50 minutes and normally takes place each week.


Julie recognises the importance of confidentiality and discretion; she also understands you may not wish to have any reference to counselling on your employment or GP records.


When you arrange counselling privately (apart from exceptional circumstances) Julie guarantees details of your appointments or anything you discuss during sessions will not be disclosed to your employer or GP.


When contacting Julie by email or telephone please advise as to whether or not you would like her to leave a message.

Julie’s aim is to enhance your emotional well-being by working with you face to face, tailoring each counselling session to your individual needs.


Each counselling session with Julie is client led which means we will collaboratively work together with whatever issue or concern you bring to the session.


During sessions you will be encouraged to talk about your situation. Julie will paraphrase and reflect back to you what you have said; this not only helps you to actually “hear what you are saying” it also helps Julie to clarify she has heard and understood what you have said.


At times it may be beneficial to introduce techniques such as practical exercises, visualisation and creativity into the sessions.


Together we will explore your reactions to your issues and concerns and how they affect you in the “here and now.”


Additionally, Julie will help you to identify your values and beliefs, strengths and qualities, thus increasing your awareness of how they fuse together, helping you to make sense of your experience, resolve difficulties and work towards a more fulfilling life.


Ultimately, Julie will work with you to establish the best possible outcome for you and your situation and providing you engage in the counselling process Julie guarantees positive change will occur.

Regardless of your gender or professional status you are a human being who may from time to time experience difficulties and challenges in life.


At these moments in time you are likely to seek support from friends, family or colleagues.


Significant others have an emotional attachment to you and all too often they have a tendency to tell you to do what they think you should do.


Julie will not tell you what to do; and believes you know yourself better than anyone else and recognises your capability to work through situations.
Working with Julie will support you to:


Identify and use your inner resources.

Recall coping strategies that have worked for you in the past.

Identify and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Effectively manage your reaction to your behaviour in relation to others.

Identify unhelpful patterns of communication.

Communicate more effectively with others.

Set realistic achievable goals.


During sessions, Julie will listen to you and will actually hear what you are saying.


Julie’s skills enable her to understand your issue from your perspective and how it is affecting you in the here and now, it is as if she were walking in your shoes and seeing your world through your eyes.

Julie is qualified to Masters Level in Counselling and has experience working within GP surgeries, charitable organisations, woman’s refuges, private sector, public sector and private practice; providing individual Counselling for various client issues and concerns.


Julie also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision and has experience providing Supervision to Counsellor’s, Health Professionals and Support Workers; supporting them in providing a safe and effective service for their clients.


Julie’s unique way of working is underpinned by the Person Centred Approach; she places a great deal of emphasis on the Client/Counsellor and Supervisee/Supervisor relationship. Julie is an integrative Counsellor and in order to facilitate her client work she draws from various theoretical modalities and her infinite experience and knowledge.


Julie also introduces psycho-education into Counselling and Supervision sessions; helping to develop Client and Supervisee self awareness, self development and effect positive change on both a personal and professional level.


Julie’s personal philosophy was the motivating factor in achieving her ambition to work for herself, consequently she set up a private practice in July 2011.


In order to enhance her skills and knowledge, Julie is committed to Continued Personal and Professional Development.


Julie is a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and works in accordance with their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.


Julie is also registered on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Voluntary Register and holds a current Enhanced DBS Check (formally known as CRB Check).

The amount of Counselling sessions will depend on your reason for engaging in therapy.  Open ended sessions will be agreed between you and Julie with regular reviews. 

All sessions take place at Julie’s private practice which is located at The Manor House, West End, Sedgefield, County Durham TS21 2BW and is easily accessible from surrounding areas such as North Durham, South Durham, Darlington, Newcastle, Sunderland and Teesside.

The duration of each counselling session is 50 minutes.

No, although Julie works with both men and women she only provides Counselling for individuals.

Julie only provides face to face Counselling.

No. Julie only provides Counselling from her private practice located within The Manor House, West End, Sedgefield, Durham. 


The Manor House, West End, Sedgefield, County Durham. TS21 2BW


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The Manor House
West End
County Durham
TS21 2BW