Read what client's say about counselling with Julie

I am still so grateful for all of the help over the years, without you I would not have been able to cope with lockdown. Imagine if the gyms were closed 5 years ago (I honestly don’t know what I would have done).

All of the counselling I have received from you over the years has played an important part in my life and making me who I am today.

I often tell people of my experience with you and your flexible approach to my various different issues, encouraging them to seek counselling from you if they are struggling.

You not only helped me with the issues I brought to you but our work together also improved my confidence and general personal development.

Since our last session I have I studied a counselling and psychotherapy course as well as a life coaching diploma. Starting a new venture as a life coach in the hope to use my new found positive outlook, confidence and my own personal experience with mental health to help other people like you helped me when I needed it most.


Being a typical man, I had never considered counselling before but having done it, I would recommend it to anyone going through a tough time in life, especially blokes who tend to bottle up stuff and put on a brave face.

Once the appointment was made I was dreading it, but Julie made me feel at ease almost immediately and the first session was getting lots off my chest that had been hanging around for a long time… years in fact for some of it.

The sessions which lasted for a good 18 months [reducing in frequency over time] were always well structured and a good balance between my talking and Julie asking questions.

Nothing was difficult to discuss and some of the coaching Julie gave me, helped me to handle and react to situations in a different manner to my normal approach. It did not always go 100% to plan, but her tips and strategies certainly helped get me through a tough period.

I was soon able to move off prescription medication and fix a number of broken relationships and also, I became more pragmatic in my approach I had with people who I had previously struggled to tolerate.

Not everything in life is perfect, but the help that Julie has given me has brought me into a far better place than I was 18 months ago and I am very much looking forwards and not backwards.

Just having someone you can talk openly and honestly about anything that is going on, I found a great help.


I was concerned about beginning counselling as I have attempted it in the past and had a bad experience.

However, this has been such a huge step forward and I actually feel listed to, simple things like remembering things I have said previously and not needing to explain things every session.

I have been helped to ground myself and to try and be kind to myself.

The counselling has made me realise that I needed the help and I came at the right time.

I feel that I am taking the right steps, however, I know that I need to take my time.

Julie has taught me that.

Sedgefield - Employment Assisted Program - Time Limited 12 Sessions

I was nervous about talking to a stranger about how I was feeling and what had happened to me.

Julie made me feel at ease straight away. She made me feel comfortable and I was able to talk to her openly and honestly.

The sessions have helped me to realise I have not done anything wrong and that the way I have been treated was out of my control and uncomfortable.

This has made me feel stronger and I am now able to rebuild my confidence and resilience. This in turn has helped me come to terms with my situation at work and challenge how things are managed.

It has been a positive impact on both work and home life and I feel positive that I can move forward.

Durham - Employment Assisted Program - Time Limited 12 Sessions

I consider myself independent and strong, but the death of my dear husband sent me to a cold, dark, empty space.

I am not a very good talker but these sessions helped me immensely.

I felt very comfortable and at ease in talking to Julie and have began to come to terms with my loss.

I will never get over it [but] I am with Julie’s help, better able to deal with it.

My husband suffered from PD for 15 years, the last three were very stressful and difficult, I felt angry because this illness had deprived me of the person I had known over 45 years.

The counselling helped me identify and accept this.



I came to see Julie having seen another counsellor previously.

Prior to seeing Julie I was struggling with traumatic experiences which I felt unable to let go of, continuing depression and anxiety, and struggling with overwhelming negative emotions, low self esteem and lack of confidence in myself and my place in the world.

Throughout the process of working with Julie I began to let go of those things holding me back; there was a palpable difference between the counselling I received from Julie and the counselling I had previously had.

Those traumatic emotions and memories that I hadn’t been able to let go of were let go of within the first few sessions, and the nature of the counselling was wholly different.

From experiencing ‘bad’ counselling which was directive and created a co-dependency, my work with Julie was wholly collaborative and on an equal footing.

Working with Julie has enabled me to find my own strength and power within myself without ever feeling like I was dictated to or being told what to do.

As a result of my sessions with Julie I have found a new job and moved house – these steps I feel would have felt too scary if I had been on my own.

More importantly, I am now so much happier with who I am and have a far greater understanding of myself.

The confusion and angst I was feeling have gone and my inner emotions about myself are clean and straight-forward.

The negative self-image and self talk I had been experiencing has largely resolved.

That said, the biggest piece of learning from the sessions has been to learn how to manage life itself – especially the ups and downs and the anxieties that come with normal life.

The biggest take-away from counselling with Julie has been to learn and understand my own strength and resilience to overcome any difficulty without compromising my own self-worth and esteem.


I thought [counselling] would be lots of me talking and trying to analyse why I thought the way I did. I was expecting it to be challenging and emotional.

Prior to getting in touch with Julie, I was nervous and quite vulnerable. I suppose I was worried about opening up but as I researched which counsellor to approach, Julie’s website was reassuring and common sense.

Julie’s non confrontational way of managing first contact also helped – text, message left on answer phone, email.

Julie’s counselling helped me move through a difficult time in my life. I was stuck in an endless negative emotional loop.

What I wasn’t expecting was the positive knock on effects of the counselling in other aspects of my life.

The techniques I use and the understanding I have gained spill over to other relationships and aspect of my life – work is easier, family life easier, I am much less stressed about stress and demands.

I found the Transactional Analysis insights the Neurolinguistic Programming helpful and I still use NPL for demanding times and use it to support my kids.

The TA again, if I am stuck in a difficult communication loop I’ll look at my response.

I feel more or less like a whole person again, different but whole.

Life is calmer, I am kinder and more gentle with myself.

Similarly, professionally what used to stress and worry me no longer does – still not enough hours in the day but only one me with one pair of hands [and] I enjoy work more.

Working with Julie was a massively positive experience. Some cathartic moments, some understanding, some practical skills.

The challenge happened but in a controlled safe way.

Julie has guided me through the hardest most difficult experience of my life. I was stuck in an endless loop of negative emotions.

Julie’s therapy combined several counselling techniques gently leading and challenging my emotional thinking. Lots of practical techniques taken on board.

I was surprised at how much I learnt and the skills I developed and how this spilled over positively into all aspects of my life, my relationship with my children, work and friendships.

I feel good, positive about life now and comfortable with my wobbles and my feelings.


To say that my initial thoughts regarding attending counselling were negative is an understatement.

I did not believe it would help as I thought I was too far gone for counselling to work.

Before coming to see Julie I was at the lowest point I have ever been in and was plagued constantly by negative and suicidal thoughts.

However, I can confidently say after counselling with Julie, I feel like a new and better person.

I am much happier, confident and healthier after my time with Julie.

[Looking back] I would never have believed I would be in such a great position now and that is largely due to Julie and the amazing work she does.

As well as feeling massively better in myself, counselling has massively improved the relationship I have with my family and friends, many of which were negatively affected when I was at my lowest.

Despite not initially wanting to attend counselling, the relationship I formed with Julie was amazing.

I felt I could discuss anything with her and not be judged she always listened attentively and never failed to help me find solutions and coping mechanisms.

Overall, Julie was professional, approachable and unfailingly kind and compassionate, exactly the person I wanted to work with.

I honestly couldn’t praise Julie enough, she was quite simply amazing.

Now I feel happy in myself. I am more confident and my university life has improved dramatically.

My relationships with family and friends are better than ever and I feel like I am now in the place I want to be.

So thank you Julie, I cannot praise you enough!


My initial expectations were that I would have someone to talk through the feelings I was having and to be able to deal with them better.

Prior to counselling, I was feeling disconnected, lost and unable to deal with my feelings.

Counselling has enabled me to talk through my feelings and to realise that I needed to speak out how I felt to family, friends and colleagues and not to take on board their feelings.

The tools that I have found useful [in addition to] what I have been doing daily [such as] meditation. Journaling has it’s rewards to see how far you have come and to look back as to how you have dealt with previous situations.

I feel more positive and feel connected to family, friends and that I now have the tools to keep me on track and if I do slip back again, I can look back at what I did and it won’t be as far back as I was in the beginning.

With one friend in particular, we seem to get on better than before.

Family wise, I am better informed but still learning through this process as this will take time to come to terms with large family gatherings.

I have told my daughter how I feel and that I need time to adjust to family do’s.

Julie is a good listener and helps you work through issues and how I can approach things differently.

Today I am feeling more positive. I have learnt a lot about myself and not be so hard on myself.

I have learnt how things that have happened to me in the past have affected me and that I can make changes to progress.


I just want to thank you for helping me see there are ways and strategies to get over periods of great stress and anxiety.

I feel more equipped to deal with the stress at work.

My husband commented I seem much happier.


My expectations of counselling were that it would help me to have a better understanding of some of the feelings that I have about myself and how I react to situations.

I wanted to gain some comprehension of the processes I go through when I have anxious moments and times when I just feel that I cannot cope.

Before contacting Julie, I had a number of questions going through my head about me and why I fell the way I did.

I felt that I was reliving the past and going back to try and change things, but the outcomes were always the same, making me feel even worse about myself.

I wanted to find a way in which I could be at peace with myself when something goes wrong that I have little control over but feel responsible for.

The course of counselling I have undergone has allowed me to take a closer look at why I behave and feel the way I do and helped me to understand a little more about my feelings and my personality.

I hope it will allow me, in the future, to be able to understand better the way I feel and why I feel that way and accept that it is not unusual.

I found the sessions were helpful in providing me with ways of thinking that will help in the future.

Being able to accept that two parties that have the same experience and see the past in different ways and allow me to accept that and move on has been a valuable learning experience.

I feel as though the counselling has given me a little more confidence to be kinder to myself without feeling guilty about having those feelings.

I feel as though my counselling has had an impact both on my personal life and in a work environment.

I cannot identify particular examples but in a general way, I feel better able to understand my feelings and not to dwell as long on negative thoughts.

The counselling I undertook with Julie was different to previous CBT counselling sessions I have undertaken.

The sessions with Julie were not a structured and our conversations were led by myself into areas that I wanted to explore.

I never felt pressured into finding something to say and our sessions that were scheduled for 50 minutes often seemed to pass so quickly that it felt like about 10 minutes.

At some sessions I would arrive and think that I had nothing to say or contribute, however, it always resulted in discussion and exploring my concerns during the session, which is credit to the counselling I received.

I would say that I now feel better able to understand some of my feelings and I definitely feel more optimistic about the future.


I have found Julie to be extremely approachable and easy to talk to.

I have told her things I haven’t told friends or family as I feel comfortable and safe with her.

She has also been very understanding with regards to my unpredictable job and timelines, including me having to temporary end sessions due to deployment and have been offered help over Skype should I require it.


Over the past few years I have visited Julie for different reasons and she has always been a constant source of support.

Her experience has helped me through difficult times and her understanding of my needs has been a major factor in me dealing with certain problematic aspects of my life.

You must never underestimate the importance of having someone non judgemental and in whom you can trust by your side in times of need.

The time and money spent with Julie was well worth it in reaching where I needed to be.


Julie has been great at helping me and my son through our grief of losing his dad.

I went on my own for counselling but she has been a great help with my son.

Also she has given me some tips on how to help myself through the times it hits me and how to let it pass.

I would definitely recommend her to friends as she put me at ease from the start.

Newton Aycliffe

I am so pleased to have finally found somebody who can provide a flexible approach to my issues rather than just more Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

When I started seeing Julie I was suffering from daily panic attacks, anxiety, low moods, low self-esteem and body dysmorphia.

At 16 I received CBT due to issues surrounding eating and obsessive exercise; I was diagnosed with anxiety, low moods and body dysmorphia.

The CBT was unsuccessful so I was essentially given these labels and sent on my way with no real understanding or support in place.

Through working with Julie I have managed to come to terms with the underlying causes of my issues with food and exercise, and I now do not associate myself with the body dysmorphia label I was given whatsoever.

At 19 I started having panic attacks on top of everything else which meant another referral to do CBT and another unsuccessful process.

It was at this point my dad insisted I went to see Julie, I resisted at first as I was sceptical about trying counselling as I was under the impression that it was for people who were suffering bereavement or serious trauma rather than just general mental health issues.

Since starting my sessions with Julie I have achieved so many goals big and small I never thought would be possible including moving away to university, going interrailing, going on my first all-inclusive holiday, starting a new job, treating myself to food deemed unhealthy without feeling guilty or hating myself, allowing myself to miss gym sessions and allow my body time to rest, going out for meals, eating at buffets, learning to say no to people and going away for weekends without it being a big thing.

Julie helped me to think rationally about everything and develop coping mechanisms, I am overwhelmed with how far I have come since starting my sessions with her.

I have a better quality of life now, I am able to enjoy things I never thought I would be able to and I am the happiest I have ever been.


Counselling helped me understand what I was feeling and why and that it was ok to feel that way because it wasn’t permanent and to help myself get better.

The coping strategies were simple and easy to use and understand, just by being able to recognise my own behaviour helped me stop it and become more positive and able to control myself.

Understanding others behaviour also helped me not to take on board their thoughts and feelings as if they were my own.


Julie has been wonderfully supportive throughout my time with her.

I have felt safe and comfortable to talk with her about any topic and she has helped me get to where I am today.


Julie is very approachable and easy to talk to.

She put me at ease, which I find difficult, particularly in a 1-1 situation.

She had some useful tips which help me to deal with my problems during the sessions and at home.

She was very accommodating in fitting my sessions in even when I had a broken foot and was unable to manage the stairs.


I found counselling extremely useful.

When I first came I had no idea how to manage my feelings and would be constantly worried and anxious.

I now have skills which I can use to help me manage the worries and become more independent.

I am no longer completely dependent on one person and feel a lot happier in both social and work situations.

I found tactics [for worry and anxiety] and breathing exercises the most useful and will continue to use them.


I found counselling beneficial from the start, the [strategies are] now something I use on a daily basis.

I still have a long way to go but I’m trying to be kinder to myself and hope to get back to work as soon as possible.

Julie was a huge support to me too and I felt at ease with her immediately, thank you.

Durham - Employment Assisted Program - Time Limited 6 Sessions

When I first went to counselling I had problems with my home life regarding my relationship with my partner.

During my sessions I learned how to cope with various situations and problems more effectively and I now do things differently to what I would have done.

My goal is to use the knowledge learned in the sessions to help me improve my relationship with my partner and to look forward to the future with my partner and daughter.


I have found the counselling service offered by Julie extremely supportive and beneficial.

It has provided me with a space to talk and equipped me with the tools to help understand and deal with my feelings.

The whole process has been really positive and I am very thankful to Julie for all her guidance and support.


I found all sessions very beneficial being able to talk openly about current experiences and situations which have led up to present time.

I have been given tools which have and will help for going forward in my day to day personal and work life.


I started counselling after being diagnosed with PND (post natal depression) after a difficult pregnancy and birth.

Julie has not only helped me with PND but we have also worked on my confidence and dealt with issues from my childhood.

I now feel I have the tools to continue building my self confidence by myself!


On my first session I was very upset and emotional but by the end of the first session I felt calmer and could see there was an answer to my particular situation.

Julie has a very calming influence and puts you at ease.

I looked forward to each session as I knew I was getting stronger emotionally after each one.

I am now able to look forward to the future.


Addiction had been a poisonous tree in my life for a long time.

Recovery has involved felling this tree and the even harder task of digging up the roots.

Counselling has primarily helped me to expose the roots of my addiction that stretch back into my past and has helped me to understand how they got there in the first place.

I would highly recommend counselling as it is a vital tool in uprooting my addiction.


Talking through problems and feelings were a huge help.

[Counselling] helped with coping strategies and putting things into perspective.

Hartlepool - Employment Assisted Program - Time Limited 6 Sessions

I have enjoyed the counselling sessions and looked forward to attending.

I’ve been able to say how I feel, express feelings that have been bottled up.

In future I will refer back to the strategies and coping techniques and who matters.

Counselling has been good due to the counsellor [Julie].

Durham - Employment Assisted Program - Time Limited 6 Sessions

I was sceptical it [counselling] would help, but I felt it has helped me understand that I am able to cope with how I feel about situations I find myself in… and I will as time goes by, be able to not let things I can’t change upset me.


I was very skeptical about counselling and about how I could benefit from talking about my problems. I suffered from extreme bouts of anger, anxiety and depression.

Julie made me feel very relaxed and trust was built very quickly. I quickly learned the problems stemmed from people taking advantage of my good nature.

Julie helped put things in perspective for me, gave me the tools and confidence to think before committing to help others.

The insight and change of thought process I received from Julie is priceless.


I just wanted to let you know that since I came to you, my life has completely changed. You may remember that I had a massive temper problem and lost patience all the time, which completely controlled my life.

Since coming to you, I am a completely different person. I don’t stress about silly things anymore, I don’t kick off anymore, in fact I haven’t lost my temper in best part of a year.

I feel so empowered now, I have expanded the shop, tried new [business] techniques, smashed them, decorated, taken on more staff… The list goes on.

At home, we are ALL happier too. Kids doing great….. I just wanted to thank you for helping me to this point. I wanted to be stable mentally, where I had “real” feelings, not extremes every hour, and I still find it unbelievable to think it, but that’s what I have. Just a normal life and the mindset I always thought was impossible for me to have.

I’m not saying I won’t ever visit you again if I have to, but you really have shown me, and given me the tools to really enjoy my life. And if I am happy, so are my kids, so in fact you have also helped change their futures too.

I’m happy for you to use any part of this email, I hide nothing as you know, and use it for any purpose you feel fit.

I will keep recommending you to everyone, as I tell them, if you can help me, you can help anyone.

Thank you so much Julie.


Speaking to Julie at first was hard without crying. Now I can speak easily about the things that have gotten me down.

She’s really good at helping you make your own mind up and helping yourself get better.


I engaged in counselling for different issues ranging from my relationships, to my self esteem and confidence to dealing with my brothers’ death.

Over 12 weeks, Julie worked through each part with me and put strategies in place to help me deal with them.

I can hand on heart say the tools Julie has taught me have saved my life.


I was in a bad place when I came to counselling. I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t really sure anyone could help me.

I’d felt confused and stuck, really didn’t think I’d be able to communicate my thoughts.

Ten sessions later and I’m so pleased at how clear things are and how I feel able to address the things that caused me stress.


The sessions have given me a better understanding about myself in so many ways.

Julie has made a huge impact in my life by leading me the way I needed to go without me knowing consciously.

The sessions came at the right time for me and I feel so much better for taking the journey.


Thanks so much for helping me regain confidence and gain coping strategies to deal with stress; I recall these strategies so many times.

You made my counselling sessions feel comfortable and trusting.

Bishop Auckland

Julie has been fantastic in installing the confidence and the self belief I lost, back into me and helped me to handle stressful situations in the workplace and at home.

Counselling also helped me concentrate on one-self instead of others.


Counselling really helped me understand the stress factors in my life and the detrimental affect it had on me and my family.

I no longer take on too much and prioritise my ‘to do list’, this helps me take the pressure off myself and allows me to spend quality time with friends and family.


At first I found it difficult to talk about what had happened to me and I blamed myself.

Julie really understood where I was coming from, in our sessions we worked though the affect the abuse had on me and I no longer blame myself.

I can now move on with my life!


When my father died I really struggled and couldn’t seem to get over his death.

I was angry with the world and everyone in it.

Julie helped me work through my anger and helped me come to terms with my father’s death.

Thank you hardly seems enough.


I felt as if I was in a really dark place with no way out and the worst of it was I had no idea why I was feeling that way.

Julie helped me to identify the cause of my depression and work through it.

I’m in a much better place now.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I am very grateful and looking forward to a brighter future thanks to you.


Quite simply… Having one hour per week devoted to talking and working through my problems helped.


I have been dealing with a difficult relationship and in counselling I have been able to raise my awareness of wider relationships.

Julie helped me gain a better understanding of myself and to look at my future and form a plan of what I want.


Counselling has helped me understand how I react in certain situations.

I can now control my reactions to others and don’t take things to heart so much.

As a result my personal and professional relationships have really improved.



Julie made me feel valued and helped me to open up and face with the issues I had. Brilliant!


Thank you hardly seems enough for your help and support, because of this I feel able to move on.


Counselling gave me time to explore my situation in a safe comfortable setting and helped me gain an understanding of my situation and past relationships with family.


Having an area in which to express my thoughts without judgment was beneficial.

I can deal with problems without catastrophizing and now have tools to deal with anxiety.


I learned that I am a strong enough person to deal with whatever life throws at me and that I can tackle any obstacle calmly and confident enough, without always losing my temper…..

This is only the beginning of my new life.


A big thank you for all your help and support; it has been really appreciated.

Through our sessions you have helped me to see things as they are and I feel I have gained a lot of strength and positivity from them.


Many thanks for all your support and understanding in my difficult times. I feel you have helped me so much.

Chester Le Street

Thank you so much helping me to feel better about myself. I like myself now and it feels great!


I’ve avoided so many situations due to my lack of confidence.

Julie has helped my build my confidence and I now do so many of the things I missed out on in the past.

My future is so much brighter now!


Talking to someone independent of family; identifying [new] coping mechanisms and being able to understand and confront my anxieties in a rational way really helped.


I was struggling at work in particular with one member of staff.

Counselling helped me work through this issue and we now have a much better working relationship.


Thank you for the support you have given me. If I hadn’t come to see you, I would have still been in the same state I was when we first met.


Thank you for your help through the tough time I have just been through. I appreciate all you have done more than you will ever know.